Boy or Girl?

So, the bizarre thing about doing IVF with PGS is that you know whether your embryos are male or female, and you can choose. You can choose whether to implant that special boy or girl back into your uterus (or any combination of the above), and it’s weird. Having a boy or a girl is nature’s choice, and my husband and I both feel like we’ve landed in this strange loophole where we actually get to circumvent nature. It’s our choice. Our responsibility to decide. The pressure is firmly on our shoulders to make the right choice (assuming such a thing exists) for our family. We both feel so odd having this power. And my husband and I are currently at a standstill on what to choose. I vote boy. My husband votes girl. Paper, rock, scissors did me no good. I lost. Now what?

Boy vs Girl, Infertility, IVF, Secondary Infertility, PGS, in vitro fertilization
Boy or Girl? What would you choose?

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