Big Scary IVF – The Frozen Embryo Transfer

ivf embryo transfer

I’m not sure if it’s the idea that we might actually be pregnant or if it was the valium I took prior to the procedure, but I feel like the embryo transfer was one of the most wonderfully surreal experiences of my life. Unlike the egg retrieval, there were no jitters when we arrived at the hospital (thank you valium), and throughout the whole experience I felt . . . cared for. The medical staff were welcoming and warm, and the procedure itself was quick and pain free. I knew the moment we sat down in the waiting room and were quickly called to the preparation area that everything was going to be fine. The nurses were supportive, the doctors made me feel calm, and watching the doctor insert the embryo into my uterus was unreal. The whole idea that it’s even possible to insert a 5 day old embryo and then have it grow into a beautiful baby is mind-blowing. In that room, with those doctors, and the general atmosphere of the whole procedure – I felt hope. I still have this amazing euphoria of “wow, we might actually be pregnant,” and now we sit patiently and wait for our pregnancy test in a week and half to know for sure.

Waiting to enter procedure room for ivf embryo transfer
Waiting in the preparation area before heading to the procedure room.
ivf embryo transfer ultrasound
Prior to putting my legs in the stirrups, the doctors must check my uterus to ensure I drank enough water to see the procedure on the ultrasound.
Watching the doctors get prepped for the ivf embryo transfer
What it looked like from my point of view as the doctors prepared for the procedure.
Getting prepped for the ivf embryo transfer
Despite being splayed out and prepped for the embryo transfer with a speculum, I felt positive and calm as the procedure started.
ivf embryo transfer
The moment my 5 day embryo was placed into my uterus via a catheter tube and a steady hand.
after ivf egg transfer, really having to pee
Although it may seem odd, the relief of finally getting to pee after the transfer was wonderful. Drinking 3 tall glasses of water prior to the procedure and being treated to a pap smear like device really tests the limits of your pelvic floor muscles.
Walking in the hospital prior to my ivf embryo transfer
Butt out and going home to start the week and a half wait.

2 responses to “Big Scary IVF – The Frozen Embryo Transfer”

  1. Lol!! I was so worried about someone seeing my butt!! Lovely to read 🙂

  2. Thanks isuzyou! Yea, the medical staff got a great view as we were heading towards the exit!

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