Why am I bleeding?

Why am I bleeding after ivf FET?

Why am I bleeding?!? Why is there blood in my underwear this morning?!? Our pregnancy test with the doctor is tomorrow, and I think I’m starting my period. . . or having a miscarriage. What is going on?!? Should I take a pregnancy test? God, what if the pregnancy test is negative . . what if it is positive?

5 responses to “Why am I bleeding?”

  1. Hi, I came across your blog and I hope u dont mind me commenting. I would def wait until u see ur doc before u test. If you test u might not get an accurate result and end up causing urself more upset. I know 1.more day will feel like an eternity but its just a wee bit of advice.
    I really hope u get the answer ur looking for when u see ur doctor x

    1. Thank you for commenting. I couldn’t help myself and tested using a regular pregnancy kit. It came back negative. I don’t know what to think right now. I am so stressed out.

      1. Its easier said than done but try not stress. Ur doc will be able to tell u exactly what’s happening. It could be implantation spotting, it could be a period, n yes it cud possibly be a miscarriage. But I would say spotting/ period is the most likely cause. Please don’t worry and I hope everything will be alright

  2. I would take a test, then call your doctor.

    1. Thanks isuzyou. I tested and then called the doctor. I am still scheduled to go into the office for my regular blood draw tomorrow. Despite all the negatives, I am still desperately hoping for a miracle.

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