Yesterday a neighbor asked me how the ivf treatments were going and whether or not we were pregnant. I looked at her and seriously considered lying. I knew that if I told her the truth about being pregnant now, then it was possible I would have to tell her the truth about losing the baby later. And although I consider myself to be a fairly open person, the anxiety and stress of this pregnancy has taken a toll. I am constantly stressed out and living in fear that I will miscarry. I dread having to tell people the truth about being pregnant while adding a “it could all end poorly” disclaimer. So far this pregnancy has not been that enjoyable, but I’m trying hard to stay positive.

2 responses to “Unenjoyable”

  1. you are not obligated to answer that sort of question. who DOES that anyway, so awkward of her to just flat out ask. she could have just said “how are things going / how are you feeling?”, the absolute worst question anyone (but especially a non-family member) can ask is “are you pregnant YET?”

  2. I agree!! Although I believe she meant well, it sure does suck having to answer those questions.

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