Coping Mechanisms

Sewing is my current coping mechanism for this miscarriage

About 6 months ago, for reasons that are a mystery to me now, I took a beginner sewing class – and it has quickly become my coping mechanism for this miscarriage. And let me just tell you how surprised I am by my sudden interest in sewing. I am not what you would consider crafty. I don’t aspire to be a domestic goddess nor one of those mommies who sews all of her kids clothes. But I am currently enthralled. I can spend hours searching for fabric, cutting out patterns, sitting behind my sewing machine or duplicating designs. I have been to every local fabric store, and I have spent a small fortune buying fabric online. I can’t remember the last time I have been obsessed with something so completely . . . and I am grateful. Sewing has kept me occupied and busy during this incredibly difficult time, and it has allowed me to make beautiful things, even when my body cannot. So this is my current, slightly fanatical coping mechanism. Has anyone else picked up a coping mechanism in their infertility journey?

Sewing is my current coping mechanism for this miscarriage
Oddly coping by attempting to adjust the tension on my serger.

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