My Other Half

My other half, waiting patiently, husband son during infertility

Throughout this whole experience, I have taken plenty of pictures of myself. Me getting an injection, me having a uterine scan, me with my butt hanging out. I get so worked up about documenting this journey, that I often don’t take pictures of the other half of this story. I’m talking about my husband and my son. Rightly or wrongly, they are both in this situation with me. I forget to give credit to my husband for being by my side, especially since I sometimes have this buzzing sense of unfairness in terms of what I have to go through vs him. But he is there. He is always there, and so is my son. They both have had to support my crazy schedule, appointments, mood swings, irrational demands, and preoccupation with this disease. I am grateful for their love and support especially since it means that they don’t get the very best me everyday. I couldn’t do this without them, and I feel as though I am leaning on them now more than ever. Our embryo transfer is scheduled for this Friday, and although I am starting to get nervous about it – I know that both of my husband and son will be there. Thank you guys. I love you.

2 responses to “My Other Half”

  1. Good luck for Friday!!! It’s great to see a pic from the other part of your story 😊

    1. Thank you! Especially since I know it’s hard to be positive for others so soon after a non-positive result. I really appreciate it. More hugs for you.

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