Since last Monday, the doctor has been monitoring my hcg values to see where this pregnancy is headed. And now not only am I frustrated, but I’m also confused. Ideally, you want your hcg value to double every two days, and our numbers have been doubling like crazy. We started with an hcg value of 8, then two days later it more than doubled to 57, two days after that it doubled exactly to 115, and then to 308 two days after that. At this point, I don’t know if I should be elated or leery. I mean, by all accounts this appears to be good news, but I really don’t think I can bust out the champagne just yet. A low hcg value typically indicates that there is something wrong with the pregnancy but not always. And I would love to be the exception to the rule here, but who knows if everything is going to end well. However, at this point I think I have to pry my heart open a little more for some hope. My new mantra is going to be “healthy pregnancy, healthy baby.” Maybe if I keep saying that to myself a bazillion times it’ll come true.