Last Friday our vaginal exam revealed a gestational sac in the uterus (hooray, this is not an ectopic pregnancy!) And I realize that I should be overjoyed at this point, but I am getting more and more nervous and terrified that this pregnancy will end. Our last embryo stopped growing right around the 6 week mark, and since that timeframe is rapidly approaching – I am freaking out. Last night I had a little melt down, because I was worried sick about the pregnancy. I know that I should just “relax”, but it is impossible at this point. I can’t just forget what happened during our last pregnancy. During the ultrasound, the gestational sac could be clearly seen, but not the fetal pole. I am worried that the next exam will not show the fetal pole or that there will be a fetal pole but no heartbeat. I know I need to stop freaking out, but it’s hard. Plus, depending on where I put my estrogen patches, I am more prone to anxiety and irritableness. I think I’m going to switch those patches to my butt to see if I can tone down my craziness. I am driving myself insane over here. Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, damnit!