What Do You Mean I’ve Graduated?!

Graduating from reproductive doctor's office

I met with our doctor today, and I am stunned – they’re letting me go! I guess I didn’t understand the timeframe for how long I could stay under the care of our reproductive doctor’s office, but they officially released me today (the ultrasound today looked great). And my first reaction was something along the lines of: “What the hell? I don’t want to leave! A regular ob-gyn is not going to perform vaginal ultrasounds at every visit. How the hell am I going to know if the pregnancy is advancing? . . . or if it is advancing at all?” I am starting to freak out. Plus, I don’t actually have a regular ob-gyn picked out – which is ridiculous I know. One more thing to do. But, I am going to celebrate a little, because today is the exact date (7 weeks, 4 days) that I found out my last pregnancy had ended. I’ve reached a major milestone, and I might actually have to admit to myself that hey, this pregnancy could work . . .

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