Once again I am frantic. (I hate that this is the theme of my life right now) I’m afraid of coming off of my meds and miscarrying this baby. It doesn’t help that I fully believe the only reason we haven’t miscarried so far is because of the help we’ve received from the progesterone shots. The only thing we did differently between the last pregnancy and this one has been those shots. So the big question is how do I know when the placenta has taken over production of those hormones so that I can stop taking the shots? The answers I have received from both my reproductive office and my OB/GYN are unclear. Neither really seems to know, and both assume it occurs at two different times.

Today is technically the day that I am supposed to stop taking the meds (I am 10 weeks exactly) . . . but I don’t think I can do it. My reproductive doctor had wanted me to stop the progesterone in oil and estrogen patches at 10 weeks, but he said I could continue the medication until 12 weeks if it made me more comfortable. My new OB/GYN wants me to continue to 13 weeks, which I normally wouldn’t mind, but I’ve read some posts that indicate there could be ugly side effects like hypospadias and androgynous genitals from prolonged use. I am not sure what to believe or what to do. Am I just freaking out for nothing? Has anyone else out there had to take progesterone? When did you stop and did you have any problems afterwards?