I’m Off the Meds!

So it’s been roughly a week since I stopped my meds. . . And everything is fine! I haven’t had any spotting or any other suspicious side effects, and I mostly feel relieved. I do have this lingering sense of “oh my god, I hope I didn’t give my baby genital abnormalities by taking the progesterone for so long,“ but at this point I know I’ve got to let it go. Rumination is getting me nowhere, and I have to be content with the fact that everything I’ve done has been in the best interest of this baby. Plus, I’m sure we will love this baby no matter what happens. And, it’s becoming more and more official in my head – we’re pregnant! I might just have to go out and buy maternity clothes for my growing belly and boobs. I am super excited about wearing maternity clothes again!!


PS – Sadly, I still had problems getting my progesterone values from the nurses this week. The nurse specifically said she would make sure to get the result back to me on Tuesday, but they haven’t called yet. I’m not 100% sure what to think about their behavior or what an appropriate response should be, but I’ll be talking to the doctor about it the next time I see him. I am disappointed with their lack of professionalism, especially since this was the last progesterone check. Here is to hoping that the doctor will listen and take my complaint seriously.

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