Itchy Armpits and Drooling

I think many women who have suffered from infertility would describe pregnancy as a long awaited oasis. It’s a dream come true achievement that is filled with thoughts about baby names, nursery decorations, and expanding belly lines. But that’s not what it’s all about. Being pregnant is also about itchy armpits and drooling so horrible that you wake up in the middle of the night wondering how you managed to spill water on yourself . . . and then realize that all of that “water” is coming from your mouth. And sadly, this really did happen to me as I woke up in the middle of the night confused by all of the drool that was smeared in my face, pillow, and hair. According to the internet, night time drooling is due to hormones fluxes and all of your joints going loosey goosey on you preparing for labor – and I believe it. I’m a teeth grinder at night, and I have dutifully worn my night guard for 10+ years. But I swear to you that I don’t need it while I’m pregnant. As soon as I drift off to sleepy land, my mouth pops open and the drool just flows right on out of me. I wake up drenched in my own spit, and it’s gross. I’ve had to resort to sleeping with a towel over my pillow so that I don’t have to constantly change out my pillowcase each night . . .

And if the drooling wasn’t bad enough, I’ve also encountered an awesome obstacle called itchy armpits. New to me this pregnancy, my itchy armpits are annoying. It usually starts around night time and my armpits will itch (like right in the middle of the armpit) for a few minutes and then just stop. After doing some searching on the internet I also found out that the itchiness can be caused by hormone fluxes and growths called skin tags (this is just getting better and better!) that can be removed after the baby is delivered. I just hope I’m not the only pregnant lady out there with these problems. Right? Hello? Anyone?


5 responses to “Itchy Armpits and Drooling”

  1. Hahaha awesome post. I’m 8.5 weeks along after 4 rounds of DEIVF and my most annoying thing is Gross Bellybutton Pain – like someone is poking and twisting it and I feel the nerves all the way down to my vag. It’s revolting. No drooling here , sorry – wanna trade symptoms? 🙂 I do itch my arse constantly though from all the repeat PIO injections though .. sometimes even in public without realizing, heh.

    1. Haha! Yea, I think I’ll keep my itchy armpits over your bellybutton pain! And sadly every now and then (4 months later) my butt will still itch where I was receiving the PIO shots. It’s super annoying! More fun stuff to look forward to. And good luck tomorrow, I’m sending positive thoughts your way 🙂

  2. I am also a night time grinder and it’s funny, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been that bad lately! I never connected it to hormones, but maybe that’s why I’m not grinding as much! Sorry about the itchy armpits- I haven’t even heard of that symptom yet!

    1. I hope you don’t encounter the itchy armpits! And congratulations!!! I am so happy for you 🙂 Good luck at your next ultrasound!

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