Imaginary Conversations

Imaginary Conversations with the Baby

Okay, so please don’t think that I’m wacko, but I’ve been having imaginary conversations with my unborn baby . . . and it has really helped with my anxiety. Once the baby started kicking (and has subsequently refused to stop) my imaginary conversations have slowed down, but in the beginning my imaginary conversations were really helpful. And it’s not like I was having real conversations with my baby (where they would randomly tell me to move to a different part of town), it’s more like I would “check-in” with my baby. I would try to find a quiet moment/room and simply think about the health of my baby. Since my second pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, I was really nervous around the two-month mark and coming off of my meds for this pregnancy. As I checked in with my baby I would try to get a sense of whether the baby was doing good or bad, and I always came back with the sense of “everything is fine, calm down.” I don’t know if this was a real check-in or just some weird trick that my psyche has invented to prevent meltdowns on my part, but it worked. So far, the baby is doing fine and I’m going to randomly continue my imaginary conversations – especially since they have been really helpful coping with this pregnancy.

2 responses to “Imaginary Conversations”

  1. That’s lovely. And if it helps you feel calmer in the pregnancy then that’s great!

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