Was It Worth It?

I have been asking myself this question for 5 years. Has the cost, the invasive surgeries, the heartache, the anxiety, and the sacrifices we’ve had to make been worth it?


The short answer is yes. Everything we have done on our infertility journey has been worth it to get our two boys. The long answer is maybe . . . maybe not.   I am acutely aware that our infertility story ended on a high note. We underwent surgery, had a miscarriage, and then ultimately delivered a happy, healthy baby boy. Not every story ends this way. I don’t know the percentage, but there are plenty of women whose infertility journey does not end with a baby. And that could have been our story. I honestly believe that a large part of fertility and infertility treatment is simply luck. And had we not had any luck with IVF, I don’t believe I would have felt it was worth it in the end. Yes, I would have been content with the fact that we tried our hardest to conceive, but it is a small consolation prize compared to having a baby. Please don’t get me wrong, I am insanely thankful for our new son, and I count my blessings everyday. But it is impossible not to wonder about the “what-ifs”, especially if IVF had not worked for our family.

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