I’m not really a photographer.  I mean, technically I’m considered an amateur photographer, but I definitely don’t make a living taking photos. And like most folks, I will probably never make a living being a photographer.  But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the art form (nor that I wouldn’t take an assignment actually earning money someday).  My hope is to use this blog as a platform for sharing photos and showcasing the moments I was able to capture.  I’m aiming to improve the overall quality of my photography and hopefully provide meaningful images and content to viewers.


For those who want more details – I have been trying to take a decent photo for the past 10+ years.  I have mostly enjoyed travel and adventure photography with friends and family, and I would like to pursue documentary photography in the future.  My real profession was as an engineer, but I recently got married, had a baby, and then was laid off due to the economy. Oh joy. The silver lining, now that I’m a stay at home mom, is the opportunity to create a blog and continue taking photos.  Plus, I have to admit that my son has become my biggest inspiration and favorite subject to photograph.  So, I’m going to treat this blog as my creative outlet (aka – escape from the realities of being cooped up all day and having to deal with explosive poop/vomit).  When I get a rare moment, need to vent, or have a random thought you’ll be seeing a post.  And as a new mommy, I will try not to make every post about my son . . . but I make no promises.